Scalar Wave Laser


A healthy, natural tool to rejuvenate your body and promote healing.

The ScalarLaser is a personal, portable, and affordable FDA-approved medical device for:

  • temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain
  • arthritis and muscle spasm
  • relieving stiffness
  • promoting relaxation of muscle tissue
  • temporarily increasing local blood circulation

It uses Low Level Laser Therapy (AKA cold laser or LLLT) technology to relieve these diseases by stimulating ATP (energy) production at the cellular level and reducing inflammation. It contains sixteen 5 mw laser diodes in 650 nm (red) and in the 780 nm (infra red), and unique violet LEDs.

The red lasers target the surface cells, infra red lasers penetrate into deep tissue cells, and the violet LEDs contain the most amount of information while softening the light. This laser uses patented scalar technology to create a non-linear, neutral field of energy.

The light donates ATP to your cells and the laser relaxes your body, dissolving the trauma, so your cells go back to its original state. With the increased energy, your cells are then able to operate at an optimal level.

This technology has been used to treat animals for years and this is the first consumer product on the market. You can find numerous clinical studies online about Low Level Laser Therapy.

Our Experience

The laser is excellent at dissolving or reducing pain, promoting the quick recovery from physical trauma, and instantly relaxing your body and adrenal glands.

Want to experience it for yourself? Feel free to contact us.